We are an expanding community of Christ followers

cultivating a shared life, love and faith.


A place to Grow

We can't think of a better way to celebrate Easter then with baptisms. These classes are for all those who have wondered about baptism or think they might want to be baptized. They only take about 20 minutes after service, so stick around and check it out.

A Place in the Conversation

This month we will be talking about walls- sin as a wall, the walls we choose to put up between ourselves and God, or ourselves and other people. We'll spend Lent looking at and trying to tear down walls, so we can experience the freedom Jesus promised. Click here to watch our latest conversations.


A Place to Lead

Our board is comprised of people you nominate to lead our church. They look at the big picture and provide support and guidance to our lead pastor. Nominate someone by clicking here, or learn more about our process here.