We are an expanding community of Christ followers

cultivating a shared life, love and faith.



A Place for Fun

The race is a team based competition for BMCC youth that will take place during the whole month of September. They will join one of four teams: Red Hawks, Black Lions, Blue Sharks, or Green Wolverines.

The teams will try to earn points by inviting friends, winning the games that take place on the Wednesday night, social media posts, having team spirit, and trying to win Pastor Nate’s affection by bringing him foods and beverages. The winning team will get their own personal trip to the Tri Cities to “Get Air” and have dinner.



A place to Grow

GroupLink is the place where you can get plugged in to a community group at Blue Mountain Community Church. Community groups are typically groups of eight to twelve individuals who meet regularly for a year or more to pursue spiritual growth and healthy relationships. GroupLink is the perfect place to take that next step of gaining true community within Blue Mountain Community Church and doing life with other people just like you.  RSVP for Grouplink here.


A Place in the Conversation

This month we are considering the invitations that Jesus makes, in calling his followers, in bringing people from the outside in, and what it would look like if we did the same. The series will end with our invitation to join a small group through GroupLink on September 10th. Click here to watch our latest conversations.