Each week our teaching pastors work on bringing messages based on stories from the Bible that we believe directly translate principles to our lives today. Our monthly themes provide a framework for a discussion about topics that have direct application in the here and now, mostly about our relationships with other people and with God. Click below to see some of our recent conversations.


One spirit-love

Pastor Jim describes how the love of God can last forever.


One Spirit-Consuming

Pastor Cody talks about things that can harmful to you if you consume too much of it,


One Spirit- A sexual Ethic

Pastor Jim describes the sex traffic industry in Ancient Corinth and applies it to our current world. The call of a Christ follower now and then is always counter cultural. Though you cannot change your past, the future can be completely different.


Freedom to move forward

Pastor Jim shares the principle that you must let go of the past to move forward. He calls the church to not rest on a reputation of kindness, but to continue to build it with each action. Following Jesus is a continuous act, not a one time choice.



Pastor Cody talks about how your own selfishness can get in the way of you seeing the whole truth of God.


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