Each week our teaching pastors work on bringing messages based on stories from the Bible that we believe directly translate principles to our lives today. Our monthly themes provide a framework for a discussion about topics that have direct application in the here and now, mostly about our relationships with other people and with God. Click below to see some of our recent conversations.


When the Walls Come down- Tribalism


Pastor Cody reveals in the Old Testament genealogy the dangerous truth about how societies fight and how we today still hold on to some of those tribal ideas. 





When the Walls Come Down

Jim launches our Lent series, talking about the wall created in the garden of Eden and how God breaks it down for us.


Warning Lights

Pastor Jim calls us to heed the warning lights in our souls and slow down, look for God and remember to rest. If you are feeling overloaded, take some time to refocus and renew your soul.


Healing- Part 4


Pastor Jim talks about what happens when we ask for healing and God does something else. Special guests Sara Archer and Jesse Betts share their stories.



Healing- Part 3

Pastor Jim tells stories of healing and the power of prayer as a part of healing. If we never ask, how can we expect God to work?


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