Each week our teaching pastors work on bringing messages based on stories from the Bible that we believe directly translate principles to our lives today. Our monthly themes provide a framework for a discussion about topics that have direct application in the here and now, mostly about our relationships with other people and with God. Click below to see some of our recent conversations.


Easter Sunday

Pastor Jim talks about the mission of all people who follow Jesus, go and love people and point them towards Jesus.


Passover Meal

Pastor Cody revisits the oldest recorded meal in world history, the Passover, and unpacks the significance both to the Jewish people and Christ followers. He shares how Jesus fulfilled this symbol and led his disciples into a new covenant.


walls come down - expanding

Pastor Jim unpacks the idea that what happens at church on Sunday matters on Monday. He encourages us to share life, love and faith not only on Sunday mornings, but wherever and whenever we are.


Walls Come Down - Beneath the Veil

Pastor Cody focuses on the moment when Jesus died and the veil of the temple was torn. He confronts the lie we believe that God is hidden in some holy building with the fact that God is in the world moving and shaping and that Christ followers should be doing the same.


When the Walls Come down- Looking past the LAbels

Pastor Jim describes the walls we put up between ourselves and other people, how we label them and distance ourselves. He encourages us to send our roots deep when we don't understand what God is doing in the world.


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