Our Plumb Lines

We recognize that God is already speaking into the lives of every man, woman and child, wooing them toward faith in Jesus Christ. Our task is to find ways to join that conversation and leverage for faith in Christ. We will seek to develop relationships with people around us and invite them to follow Jesus Christ, the only hope this world has ever known.
We hold a high view of Scripture. The Bible is the Story of God divinely inspired, protected by God and passed down to us. As students of scripture we begin to find our place in the Story of God. Many things scripture teaches are open to interpretation and conversation.
 The Gospel never changes but the methods of delivering the Gospel must continually change. Because of this reality, we are committed to becoming and remaining flexible, agile, willing, and ready to change to more effectively minister to this community. To achieve that end we are committed to honest evaluation, releasing ineffective ministries, and trying new forms of ministry that will help us achieve our mission.
We value creativity and we are not afraid to try and fail. We are committed to learn from our successes and failures.
We view church as more of a sending place than a destination though we appreciate the tension between those two descriptions. We will strive to make our world a better place by living out our faith in our homes, neighborhoods, communities, workplaces, and schools. To that end we will work to ensure that “what happens on Sunday matters on Monday.”
Everyone is gifted and created for a purpose. One of the highest callings of the church is to help people discover the unique contribution that they can make in this world or the place where they can do the most good.  
We strive to create a space where the Un-churched and the De-churched can find their way back to God and connect to the church community.  Our desire is to provide an honest, safe and non-judgmental atmosphere, rooted in the concept of Biblical hospitality. 
We will not promote or give a platform to organizations or people’s agendas or pet projects. We believe that doing so dilutes the authority of the divine calling of the church and can serve to alienate many who would otherwise be open to the Gospel. We will strongly encourage and support effective ministries and organizations that align well with our emerging ethos. 
We believe that giving to God and his church has an eternal effect.  We send the first 10% of our income out to missions and ministries we have partnered with.  We are accountable and transparent with funds given and are committed to not allow the church to become burdened with a heavy load of debt. 

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