Does your middle schooler need a safe place during the day? Study Spot is for you!

Study Spot is open for students in grades 6-8;
 Monday through Friday from 8 am to 3 pm
Volunteer tutors and wireless internet are available.
Snacks will be provided, and lunch will be available from WWPS.

To protect the health and safety of students and staff, rooms are set up with social distancing in mind, with frequent disinfecting and access to hand sanitizer. Students and staff are required to wear masks while using Study Spot.

In addition to academic supports, Study Spot offers quite spaces for studying or relaxing, as well as activities like ping pong, basketball hoops and Xbox.

Attendance will be tracked through Kidcheck. Click here to register for your free account. 

Study Spot is only as strong as its volunteer team. We are seeking caring adults of all ages to provide conversation and tutoring for middle school students. We can work with any comfort level of interaction, but will need people on site from 8 am -3 pm Monday- Friday. All volunteers will be background checked and will wear masks and encourage social distancing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My child will be attending the Walla Walla Online program, can you still help them with their work?
A: We will have volunteer tutors to help if needed. We believe the Walla Walla Online School provides assistance through their program if needed.

Q: I go to work before 8am and/or I don't get off work until 5pm. Can you keep my middle schooler before 8am or until I am off of work?
A: No, we are only open during normal school hours, 8am-3pm, Monday through Friday.

Q: Do you have internet my child can log into with their Chromebook when at Study Spot? 
A: Yes, we have sufficient WIFI to support the students who will be attending Study Spot.

Q: Will you be providing transportation for any students?
A: We will provide transportation on a case by case basis. We don't want the inability to get to BMCC to stand in the way of your child having a safe place to study. Please call the BMCC office at 509-529-1212 to talk about your needs.

Q: My child qualifies for a free or reduced lunch, how are they going to get their lunch if they are at Study Spot?
A: We will have volunteers pick up the lunches for our students from their Middle School and deliver them to BMCC. All payments for reduced or full fee lunches will still be handled through Skyward (WWPSD online payment portal).

Q: My child has special needs. Can you accommodate that?
A: We can accommodate some special needs, but do not have the volunteers at this time to have a full time aide for your child. If your child can operate fairly independently, or if you would provide an aide, they would be welcome.

Q: How do I know when my child arrives or leaves the Study Spot campus?
A: Students will be required to check in and out using our onsite KidCheck program. When students check in and out it alerts parents via text. When parents and students are at Orientation, we will set up your information into our system.

Q: My child doesn't want to spend all day at Study Spot, can they leave whenever they want to?
A: We ask that students be onsite by 9am and stay until lunch period is over at 12:30p. This aligns with the WWPSD schedule. Students will be free to leave the campus after 12:30pm.

Q: My student needs a very quiet space to learn, will it be noisy?
A: We will have a classroom that is the "Quiet Room" for students to work in.