Each week our teaching pastors work on bringing messages based on stories from the Bible that we believe directly translate principles to our lives today. Our monthly themes provide a framework for a discussion about topics that have direct application in the here and now, mostly about our relationships with other people and with God. Click below to see some of our recent conversations.



Pastor Jim 


Disunity- inside of me

Pastor Jim addresses the duality of our inner selves. Those good and evil impulses that try to confuse us and keep us from moving forward. In those moments, God is willing to be our guide. He sees us and our situations for better than we can.


Unity builds the Church

Missionary and guest speaker Ken Oldham tells stories of the Church of God in Egypt and how our church unity makes an  impact half a world away.



american idols-part 4

JD (the intern) finishes his internship by taking a turn on the platform to talk about how even knowledge of God and keeping the laws can draw us away from interacting with God.


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