Each week our teaching pastors work on bringing messages based on stories from the Bible that we believe directly translate principles to our lives today. Our monthly themes provide a framework for a discussion about topics that have direct application in the here and now, mostly about our relationships with other people and with God. Click below to see some of our recent conversations.



Pastor Jim explores the truth and myths we believe about heaven and why they matter now, here on earth.


counter culture-the end

The end of the world is a dramatic divider among those who follow Christ. Imagine how it was for the first disciples who were waiting to see Jesus again. How you think about the end times determines how you act in the current times.


counter culture-hospitality

The spread of the Christian faith is not linked to a great speaker or miracle moment — it is in the profound hospitality of believers in a moment of crisis. how can we respond like those early believers and show faith that expresses itself in love?


counter culture-beyond Labels

As far as tolerance is from love, the call of a Christ follower means so much more than just being a nice person. We are called to find needs and meet them in the name of the only real hope the world has ever known.


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