In this conversation, Pastor Jim reveals three habits of a person who is gravitationally pulled toward God. This is what it is to be a Christ follower in any day and age.

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In Titus 2, Paul instructs Titus and us in the importance of maintaining our character and modeling and mentoring for the sake of the next generation.
Pastor Jim walks through Titus 1 to see what God has to say through Paul about truth, integrity and corruption. In contrast to the infamous liars and cheats in Crete, Paul calls Titus and the church leaders to live a blameless life. These are marks of a life changed by Jesus.
If you want to live a different, impactful life, the first step is to be present. Men and women who make a mark on their world engage in their current reality and work to make if better. Wherever you already are, that is the place you can impact today.
Rediscovering something ancient carries the same weight as discovering something new. King Josiah found the scriptures that has been hidden for hundreds of years and it changed his whole perspective. Discovering the scriptures can have that kind of impact on your life, no matter how many times you return to them.
Have you ever heard the saying, "The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior"? As true as that statement may be, it doesn't allow for the possibility of change. Instead of being stuck in the same patterns, what if we asked and allowed God to change us and make us into someone new?