One of the things we believe at BMCC is that God is actively involved in every person's story. One way he does that is through the quiet whisper of this person called the Holy Spirit. Part of being a radical Christ follower is learning to hear that voice and following where he leads.
Our current culture, even in the church world, is that my faith journey is all about me, for my benefit, and guided by me. Paul speaks about how the Christian faith is by Jesus, through Jesus and for Jesus, so where did we get off track? A radical faith refocuses from me to we and chooses to let God call the shots.
Things in life are easier when we have someone by our side. Like a good dad, God is always on your side and ready to walk through anything with you. Jesus had courage to buck the traditions of his day because he knew God and walked with God. What would change if we knew and walked with God that closely?
There are certain moments in life that call for action - an opportunity that comes to give or serve or change. So often we miss those moments, because of apathy, or distraction, or any number of reasons, excuses or delays. The difference between intention and action is huge, we are called to be men and women of action.
Culture constantly shifts, but the job of a Christ follower stays the same; make disciples. How we make disciples may look very different from generation to generation, but the goal is always the same. Rather than condemning the world and stepping away, God calls us to engage where we live and cultivate shared life, love, and faith.
Guest speaker Derek Brandes shares what he has learned about stewarding his time since January, when he learned he has lung cancer.