What if you woke up and discovered that all that you thought was real was just an illusion? What if the new reality forces you to change the way you think and move and act? In a way, we live that shift every day as Christ followers. Our common culture teaches one way and Jesus calls us to something completely other. When we disconnect from culture, we can see Jesus' reality and it changes everything.
Even at the beginning of everything, God saw that man should not be alone. We are better when we work, play, eat, dream and love in community with other people. But sometimes building that community can be hard work. Pastor Jim speaks about our need for other people and how God designed us to share life - then introduces a new idea and a new staff member to help figure out how to meet that need.
So Baptism is this weird ritual that Christians have. Why is it important? What is it all about? Why do we do it? Pastor Jim explores the roots of baptism, what it means to us and why it matters to Christ followers today.
What does it mean to live as people of hope? How does hope change our attitude, our perspective? Pastor Jim recounts the story of Judah in exile and God's great promise to give them "a hope and a future" in the midst of hard circumstances and draws parallels to how we can live our lives in 2020 with that same kind of hope.
Pastor Nate takes on the automatic attitude of judging others we constantly experience and asks us to drop the rock and instead look at ourselves and trade judgement for mercy, grace and compassion.