Of all the miracles he performed and the things he taught and the places he went, Jesus most wanted the people he interacted with to know how much he loved them. His dearest hope is that his followers would be known by that same kind of love. Love that serves and sacrifices, goes above and beyond for the sake of the beloved. Leslie encourages us to be those kind of loving people, not just when we hear a clear calling, but every day, in a million little ways. They all matter.
As much as we love the idea of meeting in the middle, the truth is that in order to reach someone on "the other side" you need to go way beyond the middle to even get a chance at interacting and trying to heal. Jesus leads the way in this peacemaking process and challenges his followers to do the same.
Some things in the Bible are black and white, but there are so many things in today's world that the Bible doesn't address. Where do we set the line in our own lives, to set our paths straight and keep us from falling away? Pastor Jim talks about why the scriptures are vague about some of these things and provides guidelines to help you make your own lines in the sand.
What if the Christian walk was not about setting yourself apart as much as it was about infecting the world with joy? What if the church was not a destination, but a people, rallied around this idea of bringing the kingdom of God here on earth? What would change if we saw ourselves as agents of God instead of consumers? Pastor Jim talks about the line between going to church and being the church and practical ways to practice the ministry of presence.
Sometimes the best way to "walk the line" is by having one foot on either side. In this case, one foot in heaven and one foot in the world. With both feet in heaven, you can do no earthly good. With both feet in the world, you are no longer available to the God who wants to use you to make good in the world. Only by dividing your steps can you truly live out the mission of Jesus.