Like policemen and nurses and caregivers, you are never more like Jesus than when you are contending on behalf of another. Pastor Jim shows Paul's example in his conduct with the Colossians, which he had never met, but still contends for before God. Even in the midst of his own personal crisis, Paul made time to advocate for another. This is the call of all followers of Jesus.
If each world religion were a river, do you know where it would lead? The disciples believed Jesus when he claimed to be the only way to God, so much that they bet their lives on it. Pastor Jim shares the words of Paul as he encourages this new church in the river of Jesus.
People who have faith in God, have hope and express that hope to others in love. This is the key to the good news about Jesus and it's also a weapon against the despair and uncertainty of our current times. Pastor Jim shares a story in Elijah's life when he had almost given up hope and finds it with a widow and her son waiting for death. But when his voice echoes God's voice, hope returns and they can live through the storm.
A crisis like out current one has the strange ability to draw out either the best in us or the worst in us. Because so much of our automatic actions have changed, we can retreat to unhealthy coping mechanisms, or push ourselves toward new growth. Pastor Jim shares the story of Deborah in the Old Testament as an example. When you fix your focus on God, he allows you to grow and achieve things you never thought possible. Your whole body follows the eye, so the question becomes, what are you looking for?
So not only is the pandemic affecting our daily activities, but for most, if not all, of us, the changing reality of our pocketbooks has been the topic of many a conversation. Pastor Jim looks at some of the things Jesus says about money and how we can use this resource wisely and gives some practical tips about controlling what we can, and remaining open to God's input about how we use our money during this crisis.
When the whole world feels like it's gone upside down, what do we do? Pastor Jim shares the story of Paul in a sea storm that feels very familiar to these current times and how he shepherds the crew and other passengers to save their lives. As we listen to God, we too can help guide those near us to safety. And then after the storm has passed, look for the miracle that God will do.
Join Pastor Jim at sunrise at Dusted Valley Vineyards as he talks about the difference that Easter makes. When Jesus appears after his death, it changes the trajectory and plans of each person that interacts with him. That fact about Jesus remains true to this day. Every interaction he has can change a person forever.
Plagues and famine and a complete change in our way of life sounds like a history lesson, up til last month. So how did cultures of the past handle these traumas? Pastor Jim takes a look at Psalm 121 and relates the Israelites wandering in the wilderness to our current situation. We can look to God for peace and comfort and strength, even as tragedy unfolds around us.