Ever been offered something for free, but in order to get it, it would cost more than the "free" thing is worth? Jesus offered one man the opportunity to follow him, but it cost too much and he walked away. Pastor Jim talks about the invitation that Jesus offers us, what it may cost and why it might be worth it after all.
Ever feel like the end of the world is upon us? At many points in history, people assumed the end was near, including when Jesus walked the earth. Jesus has some great advice for us when it feels as if the wheels are coming off and explains that even he doesn't know when he will be coming back.
Jesus talks about heaven and hell, and while most of us believe in heaven, fewer of us believe in hell. And only a very few think they will actually be going there. What does Jesus really have to say about hell and why do we want to avoid it? Pastor Jim unpacks some of the imagery Jesus uses to tell us about our futures and how our relationship with God now helps determine our future relationship with him.
It's so easy and common to take Jesus and make him about what you want, but the true mark of a Jesus follower is the opposite. He is turning you into who you were meant to be. Pastor Jim talks about the power of reputation, be it true or false, and how we can ruin or create reputations for both ourselves and for Jesus by what we stand for or against.
There is good reason we use tropes - it makes communicating a story so much more simple when we already know how it's supposed to go. But when we make the same assumptions about people, we close ourselves off from learning the truth and sharing compassion. Pastor Nate shares the story of Rahab as an example of how our ideas about people can be completely off. He encourages us to "assume the best and leave God with the rest."