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What's the best part about November? Thanksgiving! What's the best part about Thanksgiving? Spending time with people you love. Also, food. So we're going to do it all -- turkey, potatoes, pie, and all your church family together. Volunteer here to be part of the team, or just come and enjoy.
We keep singing the country song, "I'd start walking your way, you'd start walking mine. We'd meet in the middle neath that old Georgia pine. We'd gain a lot of ground, cause we'd both give a little. Ain't no road to long, we'd meet in the middle." But does life really work like that? This month we're talking about what Jesus says to do when we don't get along and how be be brokers of peace and healing in our community.
BMCC is starting a photography team. Part small group, part class, this team will learn to take better photos by learning from each other and using their skills around the church. To be part of this new adventure, fill out this form and the leader will contact you shortly.

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