We are opening our doors this Sunday. If you want to come, please look over our policy, so you are aware of what we are doing and what we need you to do to comply with state guidelines.
Please save your seat, so we don't exceed capacity. Wear a mask, try to maintain proper distancing and bring your own coffee.  
In the meantime be in prayer for those impacted by this outbreak whether physically, financially, or emotionally.  
Look out for one another.  Check in on your neighbor.  Let love rule.

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We are an expanding community of Christ followers cultivating a shared life, love and faith.

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We are so grateful for your responses - we will be opening this weekend with all the guidelines in place to help keep you safe and also give you a chance to be somewhat together. Please look over our policy and reserve your seat if you are planning on coming to church.
If there's one thing missing in our world right now, it's peace. We'll explore what Jesus has to say about finding peace, creating peace, and spreading peace. Join the livestream on Sunday mornings here.
Our annual business meeting is this Sunday. We'll be voting on new board members, next year's budget for the church and the Ark and talking about the possible sale of the back property. You can request information, ask for a ballot, or join the meeting on Zoom.

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Sunday Mornings
10:00 am