When Jesus said love your neighbor as yourself, surely he meant just a general love other people and is not taking about my actual neighbors? I mean, have you met my neighbors? Pastor Jim encourages us and himself to slow down and get to know the people we live alongside but don't intersect with much -- the neighbors. It's a simple, yet powerful way to Love Walla Walla.
Love doesn't come easy, especially when we disagree on some really important things. John was one of Jesus' disciples and even he got it way wrong and wanted to "call down fire" on people that he thought harmed Jesus. But Jesus' way is different and sees people as "for us" instead of "against us." When we follow Jesus, his love drips in us and mellows our hot tempers, so we can truly begin to love our neighbors.
If we're gonna talk about loving our community, we have to start where Jesus did -- with the command to love God with everything we have and love our neighbors as ourselves. This sounds so simple, but it is incredibly hard to do. We cannot say we love God and hate his kids, so Pastor Jim reminds us to really look at the people around us, see them with compassion and kindness, like God does.
Through stories, guest panelists and scripture, Pastor Nate shares the call for this generation to mentor, be present with and encourage the students of today.
In the second part of a two week series, Leslie talks about the difference between finding what God's will is for your life and living the life you have in the how and the why of God's will for you.