Have you ever wondered how evil grows in what should be safe, holy places? In this parable from Jesus, we learn God's wisdom and warning about weeds growing alongside wheat in a field. The question is: which will you be?
How much of your life is about you? The farmers in this parable mistakenly believed that they owned the vineyard and attacked or killed the representatives of the rightful owner. If we live as though our life is ours, we become all the things we hate; however, when we recognize that everything we are and everything we have comes from God, we can embrace the call of Jesus and become the people we were created to be.
In the parable of the fig tree we meet a gardener who is willing to sacrifice in order to help the fig tree thrive. Are you the consuming tree that produces nothing, or the gardener, who sees potential and risks to see the tree produce fruit?
As a hub for worldwide travel, the way that the new church would spread this good news about Jesus is not preaching or protesting. The core is about doing good in the world. Pastor Jim talks about how doing good opens doors that political agendas or isolation never could.
In this conversation, Pastor Jim reveals three habits of a person who is gravitationally pulled toward God. This is what it is to be a Christ follower in any day and age.